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FitSockr™ Grip Socks Black

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Product Information 

Go for the best grip and maximum wearing comfort

  • Provides support for sensitive ankles
  • Faster & more agile on the first meters
  • Prevent friction in your sports shoe
  • Prevent blisters Fitsockr socks are for the athletes who want to maximize their performance on the pitch.

The Fitsockr grip socks offer many advantages over other socks. They are aimed at improving your sports performance and preventing nasty injuries. The grip socks provide better grip and support for the ankles and muscles while enjoying maximum comfort. The extra grip ensures that you no longer slide in your shoes, such as situations with sharp and rapid changes in direction and/or wet conditions. weather conditions.

This greatly reduces blisters and ankle injuries! The compression ensures optimal blood flow, resulting in better recovery and support for muscles in the ankles and feet.